Attraction versus Promotion - How Newcomer's find Al-Anon

In a conversation with an employee of WSO, I learned that people typically first look for meetings online then call the local contact number to confirm that the meeting information is correct. Syracuse AIS provides both of these means of communication.

Over the past several years, Syracuse AIS has had two main goals – membership outreach and public outreach. Last year, we held an open house at the Service Center in an effort to reach out to members and to show off our new home. Additionally, we have published several newsletters, placed an events calendar on the website to make it easier to promote local Al-Anon events and created a bookmark that is placed in all Newcomer Packets distributed through our Literature Depot.

Syracuse AIS in conjunction with local Al-Anon groups participated in local health fairs. We worked with a local addiction agency to provide Al-Anon literature to patient’s families. We printed the Al-Anon Public Outreach flyer created by New York North (Area) and posted them on local community bulletin boards found in stores, laundromats, and libraries.

The above is just some of the things that Syracuse AIS has accomplished over the past three years. To continue this work we need you. Rotation of service is vital to Al-Anon’s health and well-being.

All positions, except for Chair and Alternate Chair, are open to dual members. Business meetings are held bi-monthly and most positions can easily been done from home. All positions have a budgeted amount to cover expenses incurred in performance of your job. Service positions and duties are available online at

We will be electing a new panel of officers and coordinators at the November 13, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Service Center (112 Lancaster Place, Syracuse 13210). Please consider standing for a position.

If you have any questions about one of the positions, contact the person currently holding the position or me. This is we program!

Yours in Service,
Kathi D
Syracuse AIS Chair