Syracuse Al-Anon Information Service
Road Trip to Cleveland, Ohio Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Whether you’ll be coming by plane, train, or automobile, Cleveland, Ohio, is the 2022 destination for Road Trip! You and Your Board Connect. Join current members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) and members of the Executive Committee, as well as local and visiting Al-Anon Family Group members, on Saturday, October 29th for a day filled with fun, fellowship, and opportunities to inspire each other in Al-Anon service and recovery.

Ohio won the opportunity to host this for Oct 31, 2020, but a pandemic had other ideas. The third time is hopefully “the charm.” Registration information will come in the August Forum Magazine, be posted on the WSO website and sent with In The Loop emails.

Who is the Board of Trustees (BOT)?

The Board of Trustees, is the legal entity responsible for operational oversight of Al-Anon’s funds and services. The BOT is composed of seven to 21 volunteer Trustees, and the Executive Director of the World Service Office (WSO). Its service arm, the Executive Committee, is delegated by the BOT to make routine management decisions.

So what have members learned from attending past Road Trips?

From Jean L:

Road trip for me was a chance to get to share all the things I have gotten the privilege to do as a board member. I got to know some really cool people as we all shared how Al-Anon has changed us and how we all serve in different capacities.

Sharings from 2018 Road Trip in Texas:

Kay C

• If you want to be educated about how the Al-Anon Board of Trustees (BOT) works, come to a Road Trip!
• A personal connection with the WSO.
• I take in my heart all the love that was shared with me: I take with me that language is not a barrier; Love has no words; I take to my group how to work as a whole and continue learning and continue to serve in Al-Anon.
• I sat with members from across large areas of the country. The hope is the same!
• My first “Road Trip” I will take back the wealth of knowledge the positivity and encouragement I have received and witnessed.

Kay M

• I learned more about the role of the Trustees and the work they do on behalf of the fellowship.
• I was able to interact with them and ask questions in a relaxed and informal setting.
• They shared their personal stories of recovery, reminding me that they were Al-Anon members (just like the rest of us) who only wanted the best for Al-Anon.