Syracuse Al-Anon Information Service
Al-Anon Meetings

Please be advised that nearly all meetings are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many meetings have set up alternative electronic and virtual meetings - posted below.

Staying connected is important. Face-to-face meetings are only one of the Al-Anon tools available to us - call or email your sponsor, use the meeting's phone list, read CAL. Attend an Electronic Al-Anon meeting. Meeting information is available on the WSO website.

Service Center's office is closed but available by telephone and email. Do not hesitate to contact Syracuse AIS. One of our volunteers will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Al-Anon meetings are closed except where labeled “open”. Closed meetings are support groups held for people who feel they have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Professionals and students are invited to attend meetings listed as open.

New Meetings

  • Oran AFG on Wednesdays at 6:00PM
  • AFG Newcomers on Wednesdays at 11AM.  See schedule for details.
  • New meeting for Newcomers on Saturdays at 11:30AM.  This is Electronic (online) only.  Zoom Link Meeting ID: 914 0845 8854 Password: 036707

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Codes: AC – Adult Children | C – CAL Study | H – Handicap Access | L – Legacy | O – Open | S – Step | Sp – Speaker | T – Tradition A – AA meets at same time and location